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Learn From Dunkin Donuts on How to Grow Your Business

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I wanted to share an idea that Dunkin Donuts rolled out with this year to help build their mobile marketing campaign.

I’m not sure how many markets Dunkin Donuts did this in, but in my market, Philadelphia, Dunkin Donuts gave away a FREE medium coffee every Monday if the Eagles won the preceding Sunday. (see their press release here)

However, the only way you could redeem that free coffee is by downloading the Dunkin Donuts app where the coupon was released every Monday morning.

This is an excellent marketing strategy for 2 reasons:

1. It’s making the customers download the Dunkin Donuts mobile app. I personally very rarely download apps on my phone. I decided to download the Dunkin Donuts app because I go there almost every day, so why not get a free when I can. Now that I have the app on my phone, I check out the special deals that they post every day. Keeping their brand on my mind, daily. (Top-Of-Mind Awareness)

2. Not only did I download the Dunkin Donuts app, but I also told all of my sports buddies about this. I told them that if the Eagles win and they have the app downloaded, they would get a free coffee each Monday. When you can incorporate something as social as sports in your marketing, if done right, it can create a lot of buzz around your town. (Word-Of-Mouth Marketing)

Pretty cool idea, right?Dunkin Donuts

You’re probably thinking – “Yeah, but how much would creating an app like this cost me?”

Don’t worry, you don’t need an app for a marketing strategy like this. Even though Dunkin Donuts ran this strategy with their app, you can easily accomplish the same powerful marketing strategy with a new SMS marketing campaign.

Here’s how it would work:

1. You would create a new keyword for this initiative. Let’s say you’re also going to do it for football and you live in the city of Chicago. Your new keyword could be “BEARS”.

2. Create the autoresponder message for your new keyword letting the subscriber(customer) know that after each Bears victory, the following Monday, they’ll receive a coupon straight to their cell phone for __________. (your offer)

3. Create some marketing pieces advertising the new giveaway. Start of with some table top flyers and place them all around your store. Start advertising in your store, because when your loyal customers come in and see this they will become “walking billboards”. They will start telling their friends, family, co-workers etc. about your cool new offer.

4. Once you see success with the new initiative and start building a list, you can advertise this offer in the local newspaper, local radio, local tv, etc. so you can continue to grow your SMS list. Plus, there is a good chance you will get some free local publicity from this.

That’s it! Now you have a powerful marketing campaign just like Dunkin Donuts created – but instead with your SMS marketing. You’re now building a targeted list of customers who you can send special offers at any time, to bring them back into your store. (customer retention)

This can be done with any major sport. Here are some ideas for the 4 major sports:

Football:  Free ______ after each TEAM victory.
Basketball:  Free ______ when the TEAM scores over 100 points.
Hockey:  Free ______ when the TEAM score at least 5 goals.
Baseball:  Free _______ when the TEAM throws a shut-out.

Now go brainstorm and think how you can incorporate this marketing strategy for your business!

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