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Here’s How Your Business Should Be Mailing Out Coupons to Maximize ROI

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Sending coupons through direct mail can be a profitable marketing strategy if utilized correctly. You can create different offers and add them to your local ValPak or you can mail them yourself through the USPS Every Door Direct Mail system. Either option you choose, sending local coupons is a great way to get new customers and retain current customers.

However, one of the major issues with sending local coupons is that the person receiving the coupon needs to take action by coming to your establishment to redeem the coupon. Instead, they might see your coupon and think it’s a great offer so they stash the coupon away for the next time they need your product/service. The issue is, most of the time after they stash away your coupon, the potential customer forgets about the coupon until it has expired. I know I do this a lot. I have a bin where I keep coupons that I think I can utilize at a later date. But, half the time I don’t even remember I had that coupon until I put another coupon in the bin and realize I have an old, expired coupon.

As a local business owner – how can you fix this problem?

You give the recipient the ability, directly from the mailed coupon, to add themselves to a list where you can continue to contact them.

See the example coupon below to better understand this idea.

Example SMS Coupon

The above coupon gives the recipient a chance to opt into an SMS list. Since not everyone will want to do this, we still give the recipient the option to bring the coupon to the store for 10% off their next purchase. But, we are offering them double the value if they text the keyword (20OFF) to the dedicated local number. They will receive 20% off their next purchase instead of 10%.

The main idea of this strategy is to turn the potential customer who takes your coupon and saves it for a later date and turn them into a lead for your business. Now giving you the ability to continue to follow up with them and turning them into a paying customer.

Eventually, you can even eliminate your direct mail marketing budget with this strategy. If your direct mail coupon efforts reach 2,500 local recipients and over time you get 1,100 of those recipients to opt in to your SMS list, it probably isn’t worth your marketing dollars to continue mailing to the entire 2,500. Instead, you now have the ability to send the coupon directly to the 1,100 subscribers. A very targeted list who already knows, likes and buys from you.

If you have any questions or comments about this marketing idea, please leave them in the comments below. If you need help getting this initiative started for your business – contact us here.

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