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The Top 10 SMS Offers to Send Your Customers

The thought process and premise you should have behind every text is to ask yourself “what is my goal?”.  Not every SMS offer is the same and your intention should dictate the type of promotion you run. A common mistake several business owners make when engaging in SMS marketing is treating all offers the same. In fact, certain deals appeal to different audiences. It’s important to properly target your messages to the desired group in accordance with your goal.

Here is our list (in no specific order) of the top 10 SMS offers  you can send your customers to help generate more sales, increase traffic and build word-of-mouth marketing:

SMS Coupon Example

Here’s How Your Business Should Be Mailing Out Coupons to Maximize ROI

Sending coupons through direct mail can be a profitable marketing strategy if utilized correctly. You can create different offers and add them to your local ValPak or you can mail them yourself through the USPS Every Door Direct Mail system. Either option you choose, sending local coupons is a great way to get new customers and retain current customers.

However, one of the major issues with sending local coupons is that the person receiving the coupon needs to take action by coming to your establishment to redeem the coupon. Instead, they might see your coupon and think it’s a great offer so they stash the coupon away for the next time they need your product/service. The issue is, most of the time after they stash away your coupon, the potential customer forgets about the coupon until it has expired. I know I do this a lot. I have a bin where I keep coupons that I think I can utilize at a later date. But, half the time I don’t even remember I had that coupon until I put another coupon in the bin and realize I have an old, expired coupon.

As a local business owner – how can you fix this problem?

Dunkin Donuts

Learn From Dunkin Donuts on How to Grow Your Business

I wanted to share an idea that Dunkin Donuts rolled out with this year to help build their mobile marketing campaign.

I’m not sure how many markets Dunkin Donuts did this in, but in my market, Philadelphia, Dunkin Donuts gave away a FREE medium coffee every Monday if the Eagles won the preceding Sunday. (see their press release here)

However, the only way you could redeem that free coffee is by downloading the Dunkin Donuts app where the coupon was released every Monday morning.

Email Marketing

Top 10 Email List-Building and Retention Ideas

Even though our focus here at is to help businesses grow through SMS marketing, we also know the significance of email marketing. SMS marketing should be a part of every businesses “marketing aresnal”, and we can it an “arsenal” for a reason. A successfully business should never have all of its “marketing eggs” in one basket. TO be successful you want to have multiple mediums in order to reach the maximum amount of people. That’s why in this log post we would like to help you grow your email marketing campaign(s).

Email marketing can be profitable for any business, no matter what kind of product or service you offer if done right!

Below are our Top 10 list-building and retention ideas (no specific order) that will help you get better results from all your email marketing efforts.

Text Message

The Difference Between Short Codes and Long Codes

You might be asking yourself “What the heck is a short code and a long code?”

In SMS marketing, you have the choice to send and receive text messages from your customers using a short code or a long code.

A short code is a 4-6 digit number that you usually see on TV or hear on the radio and is usually used on a nation-wide basis. For example, American Idol uses a 4 digit short code (VOTE to 5702) for their viewers to vote on who they like best.

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